Shop. Click. Drive. The simple, innovative way to shop for a Cadillac vehicle  online. This easy-to-use tool can help you find the perfect vehicle, pick your trim and accessories, select extended warranties and schedule delivery with a participating dealer, where available. You can even estimate your trade-in value and monthly payments, find the latest incentives and apply for credit - right on a participating dealer's website. Once you complete the process, you will be able to view a summary of your order, then your vehicle will be prepped by your dealer. You can schedule a delivery appointment with a participating dealer, where available, or pickup from your dealer at your convenience.

*Where available.



  • Available 24/7
  • Shop at your own pace
  • Shop from home
  • Watch informative videos

No Surprises

  • Access costs, fees and pricing
  • No obligation until you sign
  • Estimate your trade-in
  • Estimate your payment

Save Time

  • All the information you need in one place
  • Schedule a convenient time for pickup
  • Review checklist of items needed at delivery
  • Saves time at the dealership


General Questions

Why are you providing an online shopping system?

Cadillac is offering an online shopping tool for your convenience. We want you to have the option to get your new vehicle on your own time. This will give you more control over the process and limit the time you need to spend at a dealership.

Am I under any obligation to purchase a vehicle?

No, you are under no obligation to purchase the vehicle should you change your mind at any time prior to signing your final paperwork and taking delivery.

How will you be storing or using my information?

Please refer to the dealership's privacy statement for more information.


When can I test-drive the vehicle I want to purchase or lease?

There are several options for completing a test-drive:  You can schedule an appointment at the dealership. You can request an appointment to test drive at the location of your choice (home or work). Or you can complete your test-drive before you sign the final documents at delivery.

What if I don't like the actual vehicle when I test-drive it?

Prior to signing your paperwork at the time of delivery, you are under no obligations to purchase or lease the vehicle. If you are not satisfied with your test-drive experience, let us know prior to signing the final documents and we will be happy to address the problem.

What are concierge services?

Concierge services give you the option to complete steps such as test-drives, trade-ins or delivery at locations other than the dealership. Dealer participation and circumstances will vary. Please check with the dealer team to determine availability.

Vehicle Trade-Ins

How does the trade-in estimate work?

The online estimation tool is provided by a third party using your information to deliver an estimated trade-in value. It is not an offer to purchase your vehicle. The estimate is based on the information you provided and may need to be adjusted when your vehicle is appraised.

Why would I supply my own trade-in estimate?

For more flexibility when estimating your monthly payments, you can provide your own estimate of your trade-in value.  We will confirm the final value of your trade-in vehicle when your vehicle is appraised.

Can I turn in a leased vehicle?

Yes, and early turn-in options may be available. Please contact us to learn more.

Can I trade in a vehicle if I'm still making payments on it?

Yes, but if you're still making payments on a vehicle you're planning to trade in, the remaining balance must be paid off completely. 

What if I don't know my exact payoff amount?

We recommend you look at your last payment statement to find an approximate payoff amount or contact your financial institution for a prorated payoff amount. We can help confirm your exact prorated payoff amount prior to delivery.

Leasing or Financing your New Vehicle

Can I lease my new vehicle?

For some vehicles, lease options may be available. You will have an opportunity to indicate your lease preferences and submit your application.

What if I don't have a great credit score?

There are a range of finance sources and options available. By completing our online credit application, we can help find a financing option for you.

How do I know if I'm approved?

When you complete our online credit application, we will be in contact with you during the process to keep you informed.  Once the lender(s) have provided a decision, our team will contact you immediately.

How and when do I pay my down payment?

The amount of your down payment will be confirmed prior to delivery and will be due at or before time of delivery.  

Can I get my own financing through my bank or credit union?

Yes. On the payment estimator screen, check the boxes next to "I have my own financing" and "I will be acquiring financing or have acquired financing through another financial institution." You will be prompted to provide lienholder (lender) information either online or at the dealership. We will not require a credit application online and will ask you for minimal contact information so we can follow up with you to confirm delivery.

Can I pay cash?

Yes. On the payment estimator screen, check the boxes next to "I have my own financing" and "I will pay the balance with personal funds/no lienholder."  We will not process a credit application online and will ask for minimal contact information so we can follow up with you to confirm delivery.  Please discuss accepted methods of payment with your dealership.

Credit Application

Why do you need to know certain information on the credit application (e.g. employment information, home ownership, etc.)?

When applying for a loan or lease, you can expect a lender to review your full financial profile, including income and debt.  Your credit score is a big factor that lenders consider, but it is not the only piece to determine eligibility.

Which financing source(s) will you be sending my credit application to?

Immediately after you submit your credit application, we will display the financing source(s) that may receive your credit application. Additional financing sources may be utilized by your dealership based on location and other eligibility factors and will be disclosed to you at that time.

GM Accessories

Which accessories are already included in my vehicle?

Standard and optional equipment from the manufacturer is included. The dealership may have added accessories to your vehicle after receiving it from the manufacturer. Contact us if you have questions about accessories on your vehicle.

What if I want additional accessories that I don't see online?

No problem - contact us to let us know which accessories you're interested in and we can add them to your purchase.

Why aren't my selected accessories calculated into my monthly payment?

Lenders may have specific rules concerning accessories, so your accessory costs may not be included in your amount due at delivery. Some finance sources may allow you to include your accessory costs into your monthly payments. After you have added accessories to your transaction, you can contact us to let us know if you are interested in adding accessories in your monthly payments.

How do my accessories affect my monthly payment?

If financing your accessories is an available option (depending on the finance source), we will contact you with information about the impact on your monthly payment.

Finance & Insurance Products

What's already included in my warranty?

Click here to read more about your warranty. Call us for complete details.

Why isn't pricing shown for some Finance & Insurance products?

Some products may require additional information to calculate pricing. You can review the options and pricing for products and add them to your inquiry or discuss with the dealership.


How quickly can I take delivery of my new vehicle?

We typically request about 24 hours to prepare your new vehicle for you. If you happen to need it sooner, please contact us.

How and when do we finalize my monthly payment and amount due at delivery?

Your final vehicle price and amount due will be determined at the signing of your final paperwork and taking delivery.

How and when do we complete the final paperwork?

All final paperwork will be completed during your scheduled appointment.

What if I need to change my appointment details?

Contact us for any changes to your appointment.

What do I need to bring to my delivery?

A checklist is provided at the end of the online process. You can always contact us with any questions.

Document Uploads

What will my ID and Proof of Insurance be used for?

Your ID is required for verification of identity, proof of age, registration and titling.  Proof of current insurance is required to drive a vehicle.

What if I don't have the co-buyer's ID?

The co-buyer is required to be present at or prior to delivery and to provide all necessary documents and information to finalize vehicle delivery.

Are there any restrictions on transferring an existing license plate to a new vehicle?

Restrictions may apply when changing lienholders or titled owners.  Please contact the dealer team for specific details.